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Seeking advice you can trust? God's way is best. 
Learn how to take charge of your health through Prevention of Diseases.

10 Laws of Health

1. Nutritious Food

 6. Rest

2. Water

 7. Drug - free living

3. Exercise

 8. Trust in God

4. Sunlight

 9. Attitude of Gratitude

5. Fresh Air

10. Benevolence

Owen Sound Health Services currently provide the following programs on a regular basis:
Age Assessments

  • Adventist Health Screening  
    Blood Pressure Clinic
  • Health
  • Lifestyle Seminars
  • Vegetarian Cooking Classes
  • Exercise classes for 50+ Adults
  • Nutrition Classes

Join us for our STRESS SEMINAR, running October 15th - November 5th!

For more information, contact Erika Bruggemann at 519-794-3727 or email at